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070 Numbers are often referred to as 'Personal Numbers' or 'Follow Me Numbers'. They sit before your real mobile or landline number to hide your personal phone number. 070 numbers are virtual numbers so you do not need a separate SIM card or phone to use one.

Ofcom published a Final Statement “Personal numbering – Review of the 070 number range” on 1 October 2018. In doing so, Ofcom imposed a price cap on all 070 providers from 1 October 2019, meaning all calls to 070 numbers are now capped at the Mobile Termination Rate. Unfortunately, this means all networks will no longer be offering a revenue share on any 070 traffic after 01/10/2019. This affects ALL 070 ranges in the UK, and is not specific to our ranges.

Our service is completely free. It doesn’t matter if you just want to set up one 070 number or thousands. There are no registration fees, no maximum usage and no hidden charges.


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