What is an 070 number?
It is a virtual number that is used to conceal the actual phone number being called.

Who Owns 070 Numbers?
070 numbers are issued to networks in the UK by Ofcom in either 100k or 10k blocks. If you are trying to find out which network owns a particular 070 number then please follow this link and enter the number to see which network that is assigned to.

If you are trying to find out who is using a particular 070 number, unless this is disclosed by the individual that it is assigned to then it may be difficult due to the Data Protection Act 2018.

Who Regulates 070 Numbers?
In the UK, it is Ofcom. The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) only regulates numbers in situations where

  • they are found to offer premium rate-style services and/or there is evidence of misuse
  • where the cost of the call exceeds 5p per minute

What are the callers costs to ring an 070 number?
From 1 October 2019, the caller will pay the same cost as if calling a mobile phone. Callers are advised to confirm with their mobile operator the charge for calling an 070 number.

What is an 'End User'?
He or She who answers the call is classified as the End User.

What is a 'Service Provider'? An organisation which issues End Users with 070 Personal Numbers and the management facilities is classified as a Service Provider.

Do 070 Personal Numbers generate revenue?
Not anymore. Since 1 October 2019, Ofcom has decided all calls to 070 numbers will be capped at mobile rate termination. This lower cost to the end user means much revenues are generated, meaning revenue share is no longer commercially feasible.

Can you send an SMS to an 070 Number?
No this is not possible. The SMS will send but not be received by the configured destination number.

I've missed a call from an 070 number?
This is most likely a scam, do not call the number back and register your complaint on www.psauthority.org.uk

When did 070 numbers get launched?
070 Personal Numbers were launched in the UK by Ofcom (formally Oftel) in 1995.

Why isn't there a pricing announcement before each call?
AAfter the launch of 070 personal numbers there was confusion with the cost so Ofcom introduced a Pre-Call Announcement (PCAs) on 1st September 2007 when calls exceeded 20p. Ofcom very quickly received large complaints about them so this was removed.

If I call an 070 number will I get charged if no one answers the phone?
No, you only get charged if the call is answered, including an answer machine or voicemail.

Will it cost me more if I dial an 070 number from a mobile phone?
From 1 October 2019, all calls to 070 should cost the same as dialling any mobile number. Callers are encouraged to confirm with their mobile operator the charge for calling an 070 number. Mobile operators are obliged to make their call charges readily available to their customers.

Do people who use an 070 number have to advertise the cost?
No, 070 Personal Numbers are not classed as premium rate therefore the cost does not have to be displayed. Although this is not an industry requirement we always advise to state the cost of the call to the users.

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