How do 070 Numbers Help You in the Office

Written by: | 2014-06-17

It doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can always be available for your customers. Follow Me Numbers act like a simple control panel that help you manage your calls. You can easily set up voice mail, virtual switchboard...

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How do 070 Numbers help you at home

Written by: Admin | 2014-06-16

If you have multiple phone lines that you give out to clients, or if you are often out of the office working in different locations. Then 070 Private Phone Numbers is for you.

Follow Me Numbers is a call routing system that makes all of ...

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How 070 Numbers Work

Written by: Admin | 2014-05-29

070 Numbers are special numbers that sit before your private number, this is so you can hide your personal number from customers. In a business, you need security and secrecy when it comes to personal information such as your mobile number. 070 Nu...

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