Benefits of using 070 numbers

Written by: Admin | 2014-08-15

Implementing 070 Numbers into your business is a great way for customers to call you without seeing your real landline or mobile number. These special numbers tend to give a professional appearance to those who want security and secrecy regarding work or personal life. The anonymity provided by follow me numbers has proved to be very handy with all types of businesses. 070 numbers allow you to have an alternative contact number without changing your personal phone number making you remain reliable to those who call you, without actually giving them any personal details.

Another benefit of using 070 numbers is the revenue that you can earn. If you are a service provider, and as long as you are not the person answering the calls, you can earn up to 30.5 pence per minute.

070 numbers are easily manageable and provide different businesses the ability to tackle large numbers and locations by diverting them to a single number. This ensures that all calls are handled and received professionally by the call management services that go hand in hand.

Some other fantastic benefits of using 070 numbers are:
·You can use this number for as long as you need.
·Your personal phone number is protected.
·The number can easily be re-routed during busier periods.
·No complicated installations needed or additional equipment required.
·Helps boost business enquiries.
·Provides a national presence.

070 numbers are very flexible and can easily be combined with other features such as voicemail, fax to email and conference services. Overall, this will boost call efficiency.

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