070 Number End Users

An 070 number ‘End User’ is defined as the individual who answers the call that has been made to an 070 number.

End User Guidance

   Key Points for the End User

  • The End User is the person answering the call.
  • He or She must be aware that they have been allocated an 070 number.
  • The End User can use an 070 personal number for many different services. However, what these different services all have in common is that they offer a service to the person being called.
  • The destination number is the number that 070 forwards calls to, therefore the end user must be in charge of the destination number.
  • The service must be a simple mapping i.e it should only forward calls to a UK landline or mobile number. There must be no switchboard, menu options, fax, recorded services etc.
  • It is illegal for the End User to receive any revenue generated by the 070 call.
  • 070 Numbers should not be used as a facility for making international calls, other number ranges such as 01/02/03, 0845, 0844, 0843, 0871, 0872 can be used for this service.

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