070 Personal Numbers

What are 070 Numbers? Well, they couldn't be any more simple.They are virtual numbers used to cover up the actual phone number being called. They are used for keeping phone numbers private when they need to be. These numbers are also known as ‘Personal Numbers’ or ‘Follow Me Numbers’.

As Personal Numbers are not classified as premium rate numbers, it is not a requirement to state the cost of the call to the caller, but we recommend that you do.

Why use 070 numbers?

  • They hide your personal phone number.
  • They provide continuous communication as you or a staff member can receive the call no matter what.
  • No inbound call costs.
  • You can keep the same number even if you relocate.
  • You can cancel the number at any time so people can no longer contact you.

Who can use 070 numbers?
Anyone can use Follow Me Numbers. They’re commonly used for online classified adverts, for example Autotrader.co.uk, printed advertisements, internet chat rooms, dating organisations and hospital patients with a bedside phone like Patientline plc.

070 Personal Numbers

Service Providers

Services Providers 070 Numbers
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End User

End Users 070 Numbers
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