070 Resellers and Service Providers

An organisation that offers End Users the facility to setup and manage 070 personal numbers is referred to as a Service Provider. At 070numbers.com we pay our Service Providers up to 32ppm + VAT on 070 calls.

Key Points for being a Service Provider:

  • Network: ABC Telecoms
  • Service provider: Autotrader.co.uk
  • End User: Individual advertising a vehicle on Autotrader.co.uk in the example above the Network (ABC Telecoms) can pay the Service Provider (Autrotrader.co.uk) a revenue for calls received to the 070 numbers assigned to them and their End Users. Autotrader.co.uk cannot share this with the End User.

In the example above the Network (ABC Telecom) can pay the Service Provider (Autotrader.co.uk) a revenue for calls received to the 070 Numbers assigned to them and their End users. Autotrader.co.uk cannot share this with the End User.

Number Management & Stats.

We provide our service providers with a login to a control panel/stats package which gives full access and management of the numbers assigned to you. You can map numbers, view stats and run reports from the control panel.

API Integration.

Full API is available for those users who wish to incorporate Personal Numbers with their website. We are experienced in setting up websites and bespoke API calls.

070 Numbers API Features:

  • Automapping of landline and mobile destinations.When an advert is placed and a user completes their contract details they can automatically configure an 070 personal number and return this to your website to display. This process takes milliseconds.
  • Termination of numbers when adverts expire. When an advert is deleted we can automatically un-map the number and if a caller was to dial, play them a message stating that the advert is no longer available. Auto expire feature after ‘x’ days. If your adverts are configured for a set amount of days then we can automatically disable the mapping.
  • Configured pool of numbers. We can assign your account up to 1 million 070 numbers which are dedicated for your use.
  • Number quarantine area. After an advert has expired we quarantine the number for ‘x’ days before it can be recycled and used again in another advert. This feature ensures that your customer doesn’t receive other people’s calls.

Service Providers

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End User

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